Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mantis Perfect Wheels Alloy Cleaner Review

mantis perfect wheels
We are big fans of Mantis car cleaning products so were really pleased when they asked us to try out their new formula "Perfect Wheels" rim cleaner.

In the run up to my new baby's arrival I have officially gone into a cleaning frenzy and that isn't just limited to the inside of the house. I have hoovered the car seats, cleaned the inside of the car and now, thanks to Mantis, I also have shiny alloys.

The beauty of most Mantis products is that they don't require any water. The foaming rim cleaner just sprays directly on to the wheel rim and comes up in a big froth which loosens the dirt such that you can wipe it off with one of the special Mantis cleaning cloths and then polish them up to a shine. The new formula gives a noticeably more impressive foam and required me to barely have to scrub at all which is handy, because I'm not in the mood for scrubbing right now.


The Mantis Perfect Wheels also has a brightening effect on the alloys, leaving them looking as shiny as if I had taken the car for a valet clean. Maybe I just drive to grubby places but I find the shininess doesn't last for more than a few days but that I don't need to clean again for a number of weeks because it leaves a residue on the alloys that protects them from dirt and dust for several weeks.

Mantis Perfect Wheels can be bought online for £9.99 from

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