Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Your Family to the Airport Safely This Winter

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If you’re planning on leaving the UK for a summery holiday abroad or to visit family for Christmas, getting your family to the airport can be chaotic at the best of times but adding wintery weather into the equation can severely disrupted your travel plans.

Essential Travel, one of the UK leaders in Airport Parking and Travel Insurance, have put together a couple of tips to help ease the stress on going on holiday and getting to the airport in time to catch your flight.
  1. Leave early – It seems like a no brainer but the winter conditions mean a journey can take a lot longer than normal. Give yourself extra time to get to the airport with adequate time to park your car and board your flight. There is no shortage of things to do in the airport if you find you have some time to spare.
  1. Plan your route to the airport – you may wake up to find your car covered in ice which can add an extra 20 minutes to your journey, so it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the weather. Checking the weather report the night before can help determine what time you should leave for the airport. As for any journey to the airport factors such as traffic and road closures should be taken into consideration and it may be worth planning an alternative route.
  1. Prepare your car - If you’re parking your car at the airport it’s wise to check a couple things before you go to ensure your car will start when you return from your holiday. Fill your tank beforehand, check your battery is fully charged and that your lights, indicators, wiper blade and brakes are all in working condition. Top up your anti-freeze and check your tyres. It’s also worth keeping a winter kit in your car. You never know what the weather conditions will be on your way to and from the airport and it can be a real life saver.
  1. Pre-book your Airport Parking to Save up to 60% – If you’ve booked your holiday in advance, don’t forget to pre-book your airport parking too. Not only will you get a better choice of parking options and guarantee your space, you can also save up to 60% on the price you would pay by just turning up. For a hassle free start to your holiday, a Meet and Greet service is the easiest way to park, especially when travelling with young children and lots of luggage. You drive straight to the airport terminal to meet your chauffeur who will drive your car away to a secure car park leaving you to head straight to departures. Upon return, you’re driver will meet you outside the terminal with your car – it couldn’t be easier.
  1. Start your holiday early and stay in an Airport Hotel - During winter, driving conditions can be unpredictable and the journey to the airport can take longer than normal. If you have a long drive to the airport, or an early morning flight you can avoid the stress of rushing to the airport on the day of your flight by staying in an airport hotel the night before. Most airport hotels offer family rooms and parking packages that can be cheaper than parking alone. You’ll also benefit from quick transfer times to ensure you’ll be at the airport on time and your family will be well rested for the journey ahead.

Read about Essential Travel’s Drive Safe Campaign – they have winter driving tips, winter kits, snow chains, exclusive discounts and a range of prizes to be won. 

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