Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Automatic Headlights - Love em or Hate em?

Before I became an Audi owner, I could never quite understand why so many big cars would be seen with their headlamps on at ridiculous times of day - it used to really annoy me!  Then, when we got our latest car a little over a year ago it came with automatic headlamps and I fell instantly in love with them.  No more having to stress about "should I or shouldn't I" when dusk falls and no more having to remember to switch your lights on and off when you enter or leave the car.

But recently I've had second thoughts.  I've had a couple of occasions where I have needed to override the automatic settings on my own car because I've felt that I need the lights on earlier in the day than my car did!

In the week before Christmas our car was in for a quick service for the day and I had a replacement Audi for the day (hmmmm, a 2-door convertible A5 is not the most baby and child friendly car I've ever driven!!!) and I checked as I left the garage in the morning that the automatic headlights for on.  In the evening as I took the car back to the garage darkness was beginning to descend.  Several people flashed me on my journey and it suddenly made me wonder whether or not my own lights were on... they weren't.

The trouble with automatic headlights is that you kinda get used to them.  I had assumed the sensitivity of the lights was universal across all Audis.  It isn't; in fact it is a configurable setting on the car.  The other frustrating thing is that if you manually put your headlights on then there is an indicator on the dashboard to tell you they are on; if they are in the automatic mode, the only way that I normally can tell if they are on (other than if it is very dark and I can actually see the light from them!!!) is by the fact that the internal lights on the dashboard have come on... I realise now that the dashboard lights aren't necessarily related to the external lights.

Ah well, a lesson learned.

How about you - automatic headlights... yay or nay?
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