Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When did you last update your driving licence?

When did you last update your driving licence?  Do you know when your photocard licence expires?  In fact, did you even know that the photocard had an expiry date?!?

You wouldn't be alone if you didn't know this, or if you hadn't recently updated it but if you don't keep your details on your driving licence up to date then you could be hit with a fine of upto £1000.

According to Natali Farrell from Just Motor Law, up to two million drivers could be hit by the fines for unknowingly breaking the law. Offences range from failing to update your photocard driving licences (the image in particular) or not changing the registered address when you move house, to forgetting to alter the surname on your licence after getting married.

Most people believe that as long as you have a licence that allows you to drive, and you are fully insured then you are on the right side of the law but Natali Farrell points out

“Keeping your driving licence administration up-to-date is an important part of a driver’s legal requirements, and failure to do so can prove costly in more ways than one.

“Updating your photograph, for example, not only means you’re less likely to be in trouble with the law, it also prevents driving licence impersonation.”

I have updated my driving licence several times since I passed my test a scary 16 years ago.  Every time I have moved house I have changed the address and when I got married I quickly updated my surname.  In my experience the whole process is incredibly quick and it has been very handy for me as I use my licence as my proof of identification every time I pick up a parcel from the post office!

Updating your licence may seem like a lot of effort for little gain but it is incredibly easy and these days you can even do it online through the Government Gateway.  Go and check now - is your licence up to date?
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