Monday, January 07, 2013

Wipe your to do list clear for the New Year

Today's guest post is from Daniel Dodgson who is sharing tips for making a fresh start in the new year - is servicing your car top of your todo list?  

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We all put tasks off that we know we shouldn’t. With work and family commitments to handle, as well as updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we never seem to have enough time. This is no wonder, since according to The Office of National Statistics, Brits work the third longest hours in Europe. The average UK full timer does 43 hours per week (the Germans do just 35).

With this in mind, here are a few tips on simple ways to clear that backlog of little jobs and good intentions we all have. If you follow these steps then you will be able to truly rest easier when you are off work. Not only will you not need to worry about these tasks anymore, but you may save yourself time, worry and money in the future.

Organise your budget and save money

Budgeting your money may seem a tedious job, but if you spend a little time organising your finances you can reap huge rewards and avoid problems in the future. A simple question to consider is whether you spend more than you earn. You can gauge this instinctively. Are you eating in to your savings, or spending more on your credit card than you can pay back each month? If you are spending more than you can afford then a debt spiral may lead you into a financial crisis.

The second question is what exactly can you afford to spend? Once you work out what you are spending you can look at cutting back on less important or more expensive outgoings. The Office of Fair Trading offers a helpful budget planner that is a useful way of setting out your income and outgoings in one place. If you can take control of your finances then you can save money and make sure you can set aside cash for that summer holiday you deserve.
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Get your car serviced

It is tempting to put off fixing minor motor issues until MOT time, but there is a very good reason for regular servicing. It can save you thousands in the long run. That minor overheating problem or little chip in the windscreen can quickly require a complete engine overhaul, or a whole new windscreen.

With gritted roads at the moment, many drivers will get an annoying tiny crack or chip in the windscreen. With the shocking state of some roads, just one ride through a pothole can cause the whole windscreen to crack. Most drivers can get the chip fixed for free. Windscreen replacement firm Shatterscreen will visit you wherever you are to repair a crack or fit in a new screen if necessary. This quick and easy fix could save you a lot of hassle and expense.

Eat a healthier diet
Whether your favourite food is curry with all the trimmings, steak and chips or fish fingers with mushy peas, you can still have your favourite food now and then. But if you can supplement your diet with a range of different foods then you will get all the nutrients you need to deal with the stress of modern life and stay fit.

If you can eat a balanced diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables, as well as less high sugar and fatty foods, then you will be at a much lower risk of heart disease. The British Heart Foundation has lots of tips on maintaining a healthy diet.

So following these steps may not always be easy, but if you tackle any of these relevant issues now then you will be healthier, wealthier and happier all round, ready to enjoy 2013!
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