Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Car Ideas For A New Family

This is a guest post - given that "what are the best cars for a new family" is the most common question that readers contact me with, I felt it appropriate!

When you have a family on the way and you need a car that is more suitable to your needs. This could mean a larger car or an upgraded model with greater safety features or it could simply mean trading in a small hatchback for a saloon car or something big enough to fit a car seat, a dog and the weekly shop. It could be as simple as swapping your Toyota Yaris for an Auris or an Avensis; it all depends on your family’s needs and your own taste.

Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60

4x4s and SUVs
Most people with families and with a little money to burn tend to just by 4x4s or SUVs because the size of the car can fit up to seven people in comfort, as well as providing excellent safety ratings. However these behemoths are very expensive, not just to buy, but to insure, to tax, and to quench their thirsty engines. They are perfect for living in the country as their off-roading abilities will be useful but for a family car in the town or city, there are other options to choose from which may prove more financially viable.

Estate cars
For those that need a lot of space but do not wish to deal with the manoeuvring challenges that come with tall cars like 4x4s, there are estate cars. Estate cars can offer just as much cabin and boot space as any SUV but can be much cheaper to run; especially regarding Volvo estate cars. Volvo cars have excellent safety records, giving you peace of mind for your family’s wellbeing. Volvos are also relatively inexpensive to run compared with other big cars as they have economical engines and locally to us,  Volvo Servicing Farnborough is good for sourcing inexpensive spare parts if something does fail.

Volvo V60
Volvo V60

Saloons and hatchbacks
However, if you are on a budget or you do not have a big family to transport around all the time, there are also a wide variety of saloon cars and larger hatchbacks such as the Honda Jazz, which will be much cheaper to buy and put on the road. Saloons are preferred by more avid drivers as they can take up to four people in comfort yet are still as powerful and manoeuvrable as their smaller competitors. These are cars that are perfect to drive around town in as they are still big enough to be comfortable but are great to drive on the open road as they respond in a similar manner to a smaller car.        
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