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Parenthood behind the wheel - Mercedes Family Cars

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The vast majority of parents end up spending a significant amount of time behind the wheel. Whether you're running them down to football practice, picking them up from a friend's house, making an emergency dash to the shops to pick up a costume for the school play or taking them to yet another birthday party, your job as a parent increasingly begins to resemble that of a chauffeur.

It's surprising that more of you don't end up with your hands in the permanent shape of changing a gearstick or gripping the steering wheel. You're there so often that the drivers' seat is now welded to your shape.

Whilst you want your car to be cost-effective and the best possible value for money, you also want it be a nice place to spend time. After all, you wouldn't cut corners on your sitting room or garden – places that you might not actually dwell in as often as your car!

Sadly, car manufacturers cannot prevent your delightful little ones from dropping chocolate wrappers, scrawling on the windows with lipstick and stuffing little toy soldiers into the glove compartment, but they can provide a car that is comfortable for you and a safe environment for your children.

Mercedes family cars include a range of suitable cars for you and your family and here are just a few of the top picks.


Strong, distinctive features and a fantastically efficient level of fuel performance ensure that you get the most value for your money.


Compact yet deceptively roomy, the B-Class is a low emission, quiet car; perfect for long journeys.


Choose between the elegant saloon, a car with unique style and thrill, the solidly comfortable and reassuring estate or the powerful and athletic coupé.


As well as offering coupé, estate and saloon models, you have the freedom to choose between the classic soft-top cabriolet for warmer weather and the relentlessly innovative and exciting Executive SE.


The smooth driving experience of the S-Class might not be fully appreciated by your children as they are captivated by its entertainment features, but it will not be lost on you!


Spacious, comfortable and steady, the R-Class is a home away from home.


Designed for more difficult terrain, the features of the M-Class are just as easily bought to bear on the rigours of day to day parenting.


Offering the rugged nature of the M-Class, the GL-Class also offers a terrifically efficient fuel performance. 

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